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Fabric Postcards - Green/Blue/Purple Set of 2

Fabric Postcards - Green/Blue/Purple Set of 2

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Fabric postcards are a fantastic way to send a smile to family and friends -- or brighten up your own studio!

This set of handmade quilted fabric postcards was handmade in my studio. Each postcard measures 4" x 6" and approximately 1/8" thick, with a blank cardstock backing that can be easily written on with your choice of pen or pencil.

This listing is for the set of postcards pictured here: 2 cards featuring green, blue, and purple fabrics. The cards are quilted and bordered with light purple thread.

Note: The card back pictured here is representative of the postcard backs, which are blank. However, the stamp may be located in a different spot on the specific cards you receive.

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